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Small Groups of 2- 3 Children

I tutor maths and English to prepare children for the CSSE 11+ entrance exam, for the Colchester Grammar Schools. I draw on

6 years of experience as a tutor and over 10 years experience as a classroom teacher, and take great care to prepare my pupils fully to give them the best opportunity to succeed in their 11+ exam.

Children working towards the 11+ are tutored in small groups of 2-3 pupils from the same year group. Ideally children will start at the beginning of year 4, although some may begin in year 5. I do an initial individual assessment (at the same rate) where I assess your child using the national curriculum attainment targets. This enables me to tailor my lessons to take each child’s individual ability into account, and where necessary work is differentiated within a small group to ensure a very personal learning experience. The initial assessment also identifies any gaps in learning to ensure weaknesses are found and addressed early. 

Year 4 focuses on bringing children up a level. By the end of year 4 the aim is to cover the majority of the year 5 curriculum and ensure all areas of year 4 are secure. In year 5 we can then focus on the more challenging concepts in the 11+ paper and 11+ exam preparation. Exam preparation is key, and this becomes more of a focus as exam day draws nearer. Preparation will include doing 11+ practice papers to familiarise children with the exam, and to identify areas that need further consolidation. Some children also begin tuition in year 5, and go on to be awarded a place, but they will have a steeper learning curve than a child who has begun tuition in year 4.

Whilst I endeavor to achieve your child’s highest academic level, I do not believe in pressurising young children and I also aim to keep lessons fun and engaging. The 11+ experience, above all else, should be a positive one, increasing your child’s confidence, where everyone feels proud of their achievements.

I keep parents informed of progress throughout the 11+ journey and give honest appraisals of your child’s ability. Competition for school places is extremely high and the 11+ exam is very challenging. My aim is to ensure that all children who are put forward for the exam achieve their absolute best on the day.

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